Online Payments

Our city welcomes you to pay your  Utility, LID, & Pet license bill  here.  

There are different payment options on the online bill pay to choose from. 

The City is working closely with Access Idaho and trying to make it easy for everyone to pay their bills online. Unfortunately their is not a way to have auto pay. I do know that you can set that up with your bank each month though.  I received this information from Access Idaho team. 

We are working on a bill presentment service so that you can see what you owe online as well as getting a statement in the mail, but you would still have to go in each month and make the payment, it would not be automatic. 

  The Scheduled Payments application does hold your credit card information so if & when you know how much to pay, you can just log in and pay that amount without having to enter your credit card info each time.